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“YURAKUCHO WINDOW GALLERY 紫野和久傳 ×長谷川寛示” 2023.3.8(wed)-4.23(sun)

Photo Yuta Hinohara / 写真 桧原勇太

Marunouchi Nakadori Avenue is one of the most famous brand streets in Japan. For a limited time, the windows along the street will be decorated with artwork. The works of 14 popular artists, selected to match the image of each store, will be displayed at nine participating stores. Away from museums and galleries, the art seen in the midst of shopping will give fresh impressions to visitors to the city.

Exhibition Location

Murasakino Wakuden

Phone: 03-3240-7020

Business hours: 11:00-19:00




紫野和久傳 Murasakino Wakuden 電話:03-3240-7020 営業時間:11:00-19:00


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