Kanji Hasegawa

Born1990.Completed MA at Tokyo University of Arts,Graduate School,Sculpture Course.

Reflecting influences from punk-rock culture,Kanji creates sculptural and two-dimensional works.

Strong influences are found from Buddhism also,which philosophy and spirit become important motifs of his works.

1990        Born in Mie Japan

2014        BFA in Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture

2016        MFA in Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture

                Trained and became a buddha monk in Eiheiji




2012        MAEBASI ART COMPE LIVE 2012,Gunma

2014        GEIDAI ARTS in MARUNOUCHI 2014,Tokyo

                New Works From an Old Studio #9,Tokyo

2015        solo exhibition"RESEARCH&&DESTROY"cc4441,Tokyo 

2016        exhibition"CC NIGHT-PLAY ANARCHY- "cc4441

2018        solo exhibition"ALLDAY TODAY"gallery HIROUMI,Tokyo 

2019        solo exhibition"My Sútra"KANA KAWANISHI gallery,Tokyo



2012         MAEBASHI ART COMPE LIVE 2012,Special Judges Prize

2014         「GEIDAI ARTS IN MARUNOUCHI 2014」 Mitsubishi Estate Prize

2019         「sanwacompany Art Award / Art in The House 2019」Finalist





​長谷川 寛示




1990   三重県に生まれる

2014   東京藝術大学美術学部彫刻科卒業

2016        東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科彫刻専攻修了

                   曹洞宗大本山永平寺にて修行 僧侶となる




2012   前橋アートコンペライブ2012

2014   藝大アーツイン丸の内2014


2015   個展"RESEARCH&&DESTROY"cc4441

2016           CC NIGHT-PLAY ANARCHY- cc4441

2018           個展"ALLDAY TODAY"gallery HIROUMI

2019           個展"My Sútra"KANA KAWANISHI gallery




2012   前橋アートコンペライブ2012 秋元雄史賞受賞

2014        藝大アーツイン丸の内2014 三菱地所賞美術部門受賞

2019           sanwacompany Art Award / Art in The House 2019 ファイナリスト